Friday, January 27, 2012

Frugal Friday Link Up--4 Uses for Oatmeal

Happy Friday! Sorry my post is so late--I was having a good dream about my dream house and didn't want to wake up LOL Then, I am having some computer issues that I have yet to figure out how to cure. I am giving Google Chrome a try but I'm not liking it.

This past week has flown by. I've had some exciting happenings that deal with my blog and products I will be getting in for review/and or giveaway and some of those things have come in.

Recyclebank is finally coming to my town as far as them weighing what we recycle and earning points. I'm excited. I had been lax in getting everyting recyclable to the cart. Lazy is the word for it. Since starting to put everything recyclable in the cart, we are only taking out the kitchen trash once a week! So, other than when I change litter boxes, our trash cart is staying pretty empty.
While over at the recyclebank website I watched the stream line recycling video. I knew the plastic bag recycle bin was in the grocery stores but never put any thought in to it. Now I am making sure to recycle our newspaper bags, clean zipper bags, bread bags, etc, throwing them into the bin each time I am at the store.

I'm feeling really good about our recycling efforts.

This week, from the 99 Cent Solutions book, I am sharing 4 uses for oatmeal:

1. Tighten your pores. Grind 1/4 cup of oatmeal to a fine powder in the blender. Add 1 egg white and 2 tablespoons of honey. Pulse in the blender to combine and smooth this mixture over your clean face. Avoid the eye area. Keep this on your face for 15 minutes and rinse off with warm water, pat dry and apply a light moisturizer.

2. Scrub your hands. Mix oatmeal, either quick cooking or old-fashioned (not flavored), with enough milk to make a thin paste and scrub your hands well with it. This will remove all that dirt from your gardening or other projects and your hands will feel softened and smooth.

3. Soothe itchy skin. Grind a cup of oatmeal until it's a fine powder. Stir this powder in to your warm bath and soak in it for as long as you would like. This is the exact same thing you are getting when you buy the special oatmeal baths and will only cost you pennies. Oatmeal will soothe itching from chicken pox, poison ivy, and other itchiness. It is harmless and nonirritating. It's ideal for children with eczema.

4. Shampoo a shut-in. Oatmeal and baking soda make an excellent and effective dry shampoo for those who are bedridden or ill. It will soak up the excess oils and neutralize odor. Grind 1/4 oatmeal to a fine powder, then add 1/4 cup baking soda and pulse to combine. Put a towel around your shoulders, or the shoulders of the person to be shampooed. Sprinkle a few tablespoons of the mixture over the scalp, working it to the roots. Let it sit for 5 minutes then gently brush it out over the towel.

Let's see lots of link ups this week!

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