Thursday, December 22, 2011

Squidoo Hopping--Today a Module Question

I want to start off this post with a module question.  I asked in one of the facebook groups last night.
Is there a limit of only so many of one module within a lens?   I was trying to update my Charity Donations lens again to add 10 more charities, but the donations module was no where in sight!   If there is a limit then I will have to do these in parts, but I'm pretty sure there isn't a limit.

I didn't get a new lens built this week.  You know the saying about the best of intentions.  It's just so busy right now with Christmas!

I did update my Trunk or Treat lens ---which should have been updated right after Halloween, actually should have come home Halloween night and put the photos in!  I only chose 10 of all the ones we took to add.
I added 2 more books to the Learning About Greece lens.  It will be awhile before I add more.  We have 2 books left to read that we had picked out, but we returned them to the library until after the holidays.  I like Ruth's suggestion of making the What We Have Learned into a link list as well.  That could be an update until we get back to reading...we will see.
I also updated my Blankets for Christmas lens.  Next up will be Crafts as Gifts that I had hoped to get to this week.  I'm really going to need to open up a new Crafts as Gifts, because that one is getting too full, plus I've made a vow to make all gifts homemade next year.

I'm going to close for this week by wishing you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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