Wednesday, December 21, 2011

WIP Wednesday 12/21/11--Project Line Up

Good Wednesday morning to all.
This feels like it's been such a strange week as far as my crafts.  You probably know how that is.  I had so many plans on what I wanted to get done, and the majority of it did not get done.
My main plans were to line up my projects in a row, getting materials ready for all of them.

Well......I have one more box to set up for starting on toothbrush rugs, but below is 3 of my boxes.  I have one to start in flannels, one with brighter colors of cotton and one with more neutral colors in cotton.  I still have to get my box ready for one with t-shirts.
I finished up a set of the hot pads and I have 2 or 3 more sets that I have materials cut for.   I still have the 2 simple table runners to get made.....the flowery quilt to finish the squares on......I have a plan for a string quilt if I have enough of a material that I need......I have fabric bags ready for sewing.    I had made myself a plan...I was going to start using up my yarn stash making double thick crocheted hotpads with matching plastic canvas coasters.   I got started on a yellow set.

I have a request by a nephew for a crocheted My Little Pony.  My daughter found me instructions and she bought the yarn with her Hobby lobby card.  Below is a picture of my progress so far.  I hope it comes out alright....I'm thinking the hair is going to be even harder than the pattern has been.   Wish me good on getting it finished as well please, just a few days left to complete it.

Let me close today by wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Comments

Merry Christmas Comments
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