Friday, November 4, 2011

TGIFF--Another Quilt Down!

I made my goal!  I finished another quilt today.  It took me all day, but I did it!
I have 2 more quilts planned to make.  No, neither will be done by next Friday---in fact, I will be lucky to have the material ironed and cut for them.

On another note--as long as it's not cancelled, we have sewing club at church next Tuesday.  Chances are that one of the quilt tops that I completed, will be completed into a quilt by the other lady's at club.

I am not a master quilter, nor will I ever fact, only one quilt I've ever made came off without a hitch.  On this one, as I was ironing the top, I found a small rip (or cut if my grandson is guilty) in a strip piece.  It was in such a place that I couldn't fix it with my machine so I hand stitched it together.  Then, the blanket wasn't quite big enough to go from side to side.....then, when I went to take the photo and folded the corner over, I had sewn in a pin!  It was a pin with a small ball top.  We got the pin part out but the little ball is in the edging.
Despite flaws, it's being listed for sale in my etsy shop.


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