Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Homeschool Journal--Good Week

Alas, I have no photos to show this week.  I've got to get myself together on those.

We had a good week.  We pushed to make sure we had good days.  All subjects were covered.
In math I brought back out the overview book.  I had been using this in the past as a way to keep some concepts fresh in her mind with a few problems on the dry erase board each day.  It's a great addition to the day, especially those busy days since she can work on the board on her own time.

We are still reading the books about Greece.  I plan on starting a squidoo lens tomorrow sharing some of what we are learning and the books we are reading.
The Introduction to Business is proving to be very interesting.  She had to ask me though, "Why does this book have so much math in it?"  Silly girl--business and math go together.  I'm glad I happened across the book in my books for sale!

I'm glad that she is taking the time on her own for physical activity.  She is making a point on her own to get out and walk, ride the bike, etc for a set amount of time each day.

We are heading out the door right now for our weekly Bible study class at church.

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