Thursday, November 3, 2011

Squidoo Hopping--What Are Outlinks?

Good Thursday to all----my first question--what are outlinks?  How do you see what outlinks are on a lens?
I have one of my lenses marked for:
Spam content see less
We're no puritans, but there are certain words and word patterns that often indicate a type of lens content or topic that we can't support on Squidoo. Our system has found a few of these topic or word patterns on this lens. Read a brief set of guidelines about SquidDon't topics:

P.S. It's possible your lens is in good standing, yet one of your readers has posted spam content in a Guestbook or Duel module. Try reviewing the comments published on this lens. If you find spam there, chances are good that's why your lens is flagged.
Exceeds the outbound link limit see less

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