Friday, November 4, 2011

Frugal Friday Link Up--5 Uses for Coffee

We've made it to Friday again.  I don't have any posts to put in this week's linky of my own.  I never got around to my weekly mail call post even!
One thing that I am doing right now is tearing up newspapers to use in the litter box.  We had to do this when we had Rev declawed and it actually worked well.  It's just one thing I am doing in order to spend less money.  I have some things I am atempting to save up to buy.

This week's list from the 99 Cent Solutions book is 5 uses for coffee:

1.  Freshen a fridge.  If something is soured in your fridge or freezer, first clean it out, then fill a wide shallow bowl with fresh coffee grounds.  Leave these in overnight.  The strong coffee scent will permeate the space, getting rid of any hint of something gone wrong.

2.  Feed your plants.  Used coffee grounds are full of nitrogen.  Coffee is especially good for acid loving plants like camellias, evergreens, rhododendrons, azaleas, and rosebushes.  (Coffee shops like Starbucks bag up their used coffee grounds, free for the taking)

3.  Grow longer stronger carrots.  Carrot seeds are tine to sow, and the beds require a great deal of cultivation so the soil is loose enough for the carrots to shoot downward as they grow.  Work leftover coffee grounds into the soil as you prepare the plot.  Mix the seeds with damp grounds just before sowing them.  The scent will help repel pests, and the added bulk of the grounds help space out the tine plants.  The extra hit of nitrogen as the seeds sprout will give you a bumper crop.  

4.  Tamp down the ashed.  Sprinkle the ashes in your fireplace liberally with moist coffee grounds and then sweep away.  The dampness and weight of the grounds will prevent clouds of dust from dancing around your living room while you clean.

5.  That takes the bait.  Don't forget to bring those coffee grounds with you on that early morning fishing trip.  Stir the grounds into the soil in your bait container.  Worms love coffee grounds and will stay alive and lively all day.

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