Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Homeschool Journal--Plugging Along

I can't say that we had the best of week's as far as book work, but it was a good week.

The grandkids were out of school Friday for Veteran's Day.  I didn't figure we would get much schoolwork done with 5 kids in the house.  It ended up that her youth group decided to meet for the day since there was no school.  They had a 6 hour or so get together.  It's good for her to go and socialize with kids her own age, so in the long run I was glad she got to go.

Tuesday was sewing club at church for me.  Usually we can't get Jasmine involved in helping with anything.  We make quilts that we give to the Domestic violence center and meet once a month from 10-3.  Jasmine still attends the Bible study upstairs and then comes downstairs with us.  Once she is downstairs we have lunch.  She brings schoolwork in her backpack for the afternoon.  This time we talked her into doing some tracing of letters for us.  We are making a banner for the church's 125th anniversary next year.

She did end up doing some math once she was done cutting out the letters.  I would actually much prefer she spent the afternoon helping us cut material, tie quilts, and learning to sew.

We are still reading books about Greece.  The current book we are reading is Teens in Greece.  I planned on moving on to England next since her youth group is supposed to make a trip to England in March.  However, they still need $6000 to make the trip so now they are talking about going to Disney World instead.  We may still study England, time will tell on that I guess.

I am super busy working on quilts and things each day now.  It's something I have to do for myself and for our money situation.  I've decided we will start picking up educational DVD's at the library each week again.  If nothing else those can work in with history and science for times when I am working.  I read a lot out loud to Jasmine in our studies.  It's the way she learns best.

I'm going to move on this week as we need to head out the door to Bible study for this week.

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