Friday, November 18, 2011

TGIFF--Solid Prints Quilt and More

Oh gosh. I finished this quilt earlier today but then got busy on some housework that I had let slide while I worked on it.

I finished this solid print quilt this morning. The photo is taken on our king size bed so it's about twin size. I'm thinking I should have put another row on the end to make it a bit longer, but I'm still very happy with the way it looks. I decided to back it with black corduroy.

Since I didn't choose to put on another row, I was left with 2 rows of squares. Actually these two rows I had somehow sewed so that no matter which way I turned them they wouldn't match up with the rest. I decided to make these 2 rows in to a table runner. It's also backed in the black corduroy, but doesn't have a middle.

I had 4 squares left so I decided to use of some of my leftover hotpad insides and turn them into two matching hotpads.

I'm hankering to get started now on the same style quilt but made with flowered fabrics. I'm holding myself back because I have a Dora quilt to finish hand quilting first....and this evening I am dedicating to cutting and sorting my coupons. I've allowed myself to get weeks behind again.

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