Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WIP Wednesday--Trying Hand Quilting

I've stayed busy again this past week...yay me!
It took me 4 days, or maybe 5, to go through all of the posts in the linky at Freshly Pieced. I wanted that shot at winning the fat quarters, but in the meantime I seen some fantastic work! Way to stay posting each week, and looking at others weekly posts too.

I sewed together a few of the squares for that scrappy quilt at church but didn't take a picture. I crocheted 2 washcloths so I need one more for a set in my etsy store. I didn't take a picture of those either. I also don't have pics of the material I have cut for 2 Dora fabric bags and a pillow to match the Dora quilt pictured below.

I am trying my hand for the first time at hand quilting, including the edging of this Dora Quilt. The first picture is when I was putting on the backing. The second picture is one spot I have sewn around and part of the edging.

I found some more flannel to cut for the toothbrush rug while looking through my stash. I had already cut up a couple pajama pant legs and some pj arms I found that my daughter had cut off her shirt. I do hope to have this rug finished by the weekend. I hope that with what I have now it will be "large" enough. I have more flannel waiting in a box now for the next one.

Last but not least I have the top sewn on the colorful quilt. What would the name of this design be? I am in hopes of getting it backed and pinned tomorrow.

With the two rows that I somehow got backwards I went ahead and backed with black corduroy and made a table runner. I then had 4 lone squares so I made those also into hot pads. I think I am going to sell the runner and hotpads as a set in my etsy store.

I have a question that I hope someone will see.....would it be wrong to put corduroy on the back of a quilt?

Alright, better get this posted before it gets any longer. I am linking up with the following blogs:

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