Monday, May 9, 2011

Mailbox Monday 5/9/2011

I feel like I had another outstanding week.
Ok!  (I paid $2 for this subscription)
Seventeen magazine (not pictured as Jasmine snagged it right away since I got it for her.)
Sports Illustrated
Car & Driver
Lego Club
3 issues of Time

Other mail:
3 pieces of hausernet mail (this will slow down considerably, including no more magazines as I get my account changed over to our new house)
Uncle Ben's rice .75 coupon....Wait!  I just cut it out and realized there is a coupon for a free bag on the opposite side!  Here I thought maybe I didn't get in on time and just got the .75 coupon.
Free coupon for Suave Professionals
Free coupon for Kraft shredded cheese with a touch of Philadelphia along with $1 coupon.
Just Like Sugar samples
Variety of labels with my grandson's name on them from Oliver's Labels for review
Book--Buddy's Tail to read and review
CD Amanda Lamb Highwire to review and give away on my blog
CD Amy Hefferman Friggin Little Know It All to review and give away on my blog.

In my email:
$50 paypal from sidetick

In my church mail box:  $40 check for April cleaning.

Frugal Friend

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