Friday, May 13, 2011

Frugal Friday With Marsha Blog Hop

I am so glad to see Blogger working again!

What have you done this past week that was frugal, or represents living the simple life?  Did you post frugal recipes, your savings shopping trip?  Did you post about your garden?  Any savings related posts you've done, I hope you will share in the weekly linky.  Inspire us!

This past week...hhmmm
I hung laundry on the line all week.  I can't talk my daughter in to hanging her loads on the clothesline though.  I'm trying to get her to understand the basic concept of saving on the electric bill.  Especially since the central air is on....we do have it set way up on 82, only turning it no lower than 80 when we have a lot of company over.

Our garden is progressing I suppose.  The tomatoes are coming back to life....that is is this cold front doesn't warp them again.  This weather is cruel!  90's for 2 days, then a couple of days in the 70's then today it's only going to get in the 50's.

I did some grocery shopping.  I wish I could say I did some fantastic job, but it had been a long day away from home.  Once home there wasn't anything just quick and easy to fix for supper and I was tired.  I went to the store without a list really, and hungry.  I told my daughter and my husband to just pick out something they wanted for supper.  Hubby went and chose a package of bacon that costs $5.89!  OMG!  Yes, I was tired, I didn't even think to go check the price of what he chose, or so tell him he had to get some that was cheaper. (and if I had my coupon box with me I'm sure I have a $1 off coupon for the brand he chose)  I chose a quiche, which was on sale for $2.95 and my daughter chose a package of Hot Pockets for $2.19.   In other words, there's around $11 on needless spending!  Let this be my lesson to you---do not shop without planning, no matter what!

I did get some good deals:
*10 packages of Kool-Aid--on sale 6 for $1 and I used 2-.50 coupons doubled giving me .33 overage.
*I used my free Suave Professionals coupon for a free product
*I used my free Kraft shredded cheese with a touch of Philadelphia from Kraft First Taste.  Since the cheese was on sale for just $1.99 I chose to use the $1 off coupon as well getting the second bag for just .99
*I then went for the special of buying the 10 different products and getting an additional $5 off your order:
7 bottles of Kraft BBQ sauce for just .49 each after the deal (they say there are coupons out but I don't have any), 1 jar of Miracle Whip and 1 jar of Kraft Mayo--$2.49 each after the deal (I'm sure I probably had a $1 off 2 coupon if I would have had my box with me) and lastly Uncle Ben's Ready Rice $1.25 after the special, but I used my free coupon and the register took off the $1.75, so I ended up with .50 overage there.
*Small container of cole slaw and small container of macaroni salad--on sale for just $1 (normally $2.19)

In all I spent $23.49 for what you see in the photo below.  I did save 52% between sales and coupons so not a total loss.  $14.73 in coupons including the additional $5 off for buying the 10 items.

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