Wednesday, April 6, 2011

WIP Wednesday 4/6/11

Alas....nothing changed as far as my craft room this past week.  Those same 3 boxes are sitting in the middle of the floor to be looked through, and the chest of drawers is still piled with clothes to look through.  Not that big of a deal.

After 2 months of canceling due to weather, we were finally able to have sewing club at church again yesterday.  I was able to finish up 2 strip quilt tops I had previously started.  The yellow one is pictured complete....the blue one I took the photo and then ended up having enough time to put the edging around it...didn't think to take another photo at that point.

I'm in the middle of working on an order for my friend of 2 hot pads and 4 washcloths, all in black.

I also did get a start on working on the rug I am making for our basement floor but didn't get a photo of it.  I will see about getting some more work on it before next Wednesday and getting a photo.

For now, I am heading in to my craft room and I'm going to prepare all the material I have to make fabric bags.  I have enough material right now to make 6 of them.  Can't sell them if they aren't made!

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