Friday, April 8, 2011

Yanni Truth of Touch Album Review

This is Yanni's first instrumental release of original compositions in over eight years and is a return to the genre Yanni helped create and advance.
“I work the rhythms in this album,” explains Yanni about the new material. “There is a beautiful complexity in these rhythms, a new sound design. I think the melodic content is very strong and very memorable. I was having fun with this album and that’s going to become apparent.”
On March 22, Yanni launched a 40-date tour of the US. The tour will take him through theaters in major cities across the US including Radio City Music Hall in NYC and the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles.  

Click HERE to see the complete list of tour dates and destinations. 

 Tracks include:
1.  Truth of Touch
2.  Echo of a Dream
3.  Seasons
4.  Voyage
5.  Flash of Color
6.  Vertigo
7.  Nine
8.  Can't Wait
9.  Guilty Pleasure
10.  O Luce Che Brilla Nell Obscurita
11.  I'm So
12.  Long Way Home
13.  Yanni & Arturo
14.  Mist of a Kiss
15.  Secret

This is not my genre of music, but I soon found that I can learn to appreciate it!  This album to me is one you will listen to when you just want to sit and relax.  I found it to be very calming.
It would also be appropiate to play in the background while have a dinner party.
My favorite songs on the album are Vertigo, Can't Wait, and I'm So.  Vertigo and I'm So are more upbeat, and closer to what I enjoy listening to on a regular basis.   Can't Wait is a song on the album that does have words.  Words of a great love song.

You can visit Yanni's official website HERE.

Disclaimer:  I was sent a digital download of the Yanni album for the purpose of this review through One2One Network.  I was not compensated for my review and opinions are my own.  I am entered in to a drawing to win a gift card for doing the review.

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