Monday, April 4, 2011 Review

As a bzz agent with, I was so happy to take the campaign with  Excited actually, since we are a home school family.  I only have one daughter left at home and she is in 8th grade.

Unfortunately, the campaign came just before we were closing on our first real home.  The campaign included a free 30- day membership to  I signed up before the closing....I thought about it several times throughout the 30 days.  We didn't get back to the website until the last week of my 30 day trial.  However, I have a long review...I hope you enjoy. offers over 500 math and science subjects---lectures whiteboard--self-paced learning--unlimited access for one price--and unlimited personal support  (taken from their website).

There are 34 courses available in math--22 courses in chemistry--30 courses in physics--12 courses in biology--11 courses in computer science---and math magic lessons.
Numerous lectures are available with each subject.

Free sample lessons are available in all subjects except for the math magic.  Try before you buy!  Get a real feel of the website before deciding to join or not.  
You must be a member to take part in the discussions with each lesson.

Click over and check it out for yourself:

Subscription costs are:  $35 per month, $150 for 6 months, or $240 for a year.

Jasmine's opinion:  She has an older, slower computer.  She had problems with the videos loading too slow.  She didn't like that as soon as the video hit the buffering spot, it started all over again.  She soon figured out to stop the video until it was fully loaded.  She suggests they take out the part that makes it auto start when it hits the buffering part.
She enjoyed the Math Magic and actually learned some things, so she was impressed.

My opinion:  I think is an excellent source for us as homeschoolers.  I can even learn from the computer science department to help me with my online ventures.
Jasmine loves being on the computer and what I seen was that she really did pay attention to the lessons that we tried.
The down side?  One lesson we tried to access was just blank after the download of the video.  Reading comments in the discussion board, several others had the problem and were complaining about it.  It was an early on lesson too, so if you want to go in to order, or if that is what you need to learn, that poses a problem.
The very next lesson I went to, I seen right away in the discussion area where others were complaining about the video being choppy and they couldn't get the lesson the way they should be able to.  I went ahead and put the lesson on for Jasmine.  As I went about my housecleaning, she too complained about the video skipping and that she felt she was missing out on important parts of the video.
Another problem that we ran into---she loved doing the Math Magic, but after the first day, for the life of either one of us, we couldn't figure out how to access the lessons again!

Here is a list of the lessons Jasmine did:
Basic Math--Exponents, Expressions and Variables, and Order of Operations.
AP Chemistry--Introduction to Chemistry
Math Magic--Magic X
Biology--Acids, Bases and Buffers and Organic Molecules

For now, I will have Jasmine do the free lessons.  I had her skip those as I will need to save a bit to get a membership.  I do intend to get a membership, at least the 6 month one for her to use throughout the next school year when she will officially by a high school student.

Disclaimer:  This review is in conjunction with where I am a member.  I was given a 30 day membership in order to do this review.
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