Saturday, May 15, 2010

Resolutions Journal Week 15--May 8-14

Week 15 Accomplishments:  May 8-May 14

Updated my homeschoolbuy auctions.

Sewed quilt squares.

Sewed more of the fabric totes and have almost finished the order for 12.

Updated When Ghosts Speak and Frugal Family Friendly Recipes squidoo lenses.

Built a Monkey Brain Squidoo Lens..Pop Tarts vs. Toaster Strudel

Read in my current book, Hollywood Station, and finished it!

Read in my now current book, Evan's Castle.

Worked just a little bit on baby blocks since I was done with my book and still away from home.

I put up a new giveaway here on my blog.  Win 3 FREE 20 oz Minute Maid Coupons.  It ends
Tuesday evening.

I listed bookmarks,  little girls bracelets, and free 20 oz Minute Maid coupons on listia.

I know I did accomplish quite a bit this week just by looking at the list, but it sure seems every week I should have gotten more done.....or, well, that there was a lot more that I wanted to get done.

Until next week, have a great week!

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