Friday, May 14, 2010

Covergirl ShadowBlast and ShineBlast Review

My most recent bzz campaign with is Covergirl's Shadow Blast and Shine Blast products.  I love make up and I get excited when I get to try new things.

I received #820 Citrus Flair in the Shadow Blast.  I was taken aback with the green, but happy to report that it goes wonderfully with the brown and doesn't go on dark as I was afraid it might.
In the Shine Blast i got #825  Smolder.

I really like the eye shadow's that are not powder, so the Shadow Blast is perfect for me.  It's so easy to apply.  First you use side one and cover the whole lid, then you use side 2 in the crease and to line your lid.  I've not tried it lining under my eye yet, but will.

Shadow Blast has an average retail price of $7.99.  I've only looked for it one place so far, and that was Walgreen's where it sells for $8.49.  I fully intend to buy myself some more of the colors!

The downfall that I see after reading others comments, is that because it's not a powder, it does crease during the day.   I have this trouble even with powder eye shadows, but still prefer to use eye shadow like what is offered with the Shadow Blast.  Despite the creases, which I am used to, I still love this product!  I feel it's very innovative on Cover Girls part.

I also am enjoying the Shine Blast as well.  It goes on smoothly and really adds a shine to my lips that I like.  It has the ShineSculpt applicator that hugs your lips' contours.  Very easy to apply.
It doesn't leave a thick sticky feeling on your lips at all.  It has a nice fruity scent too.

Shine Blast has an average retail price of $7.49.  I would also like to have more of it as well.

I was sent 5--$2 coupons with my bzz campaign kit to use myself and hand out to others.

Below is a picture of my eyes after putting on the Shadow Blast and my lips with the Shine Blast on them.  

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