Monday, May 10, 2010

My Frugal Week May 2-8

Just a few things this week, but every thing that you can do that will help to be frugal and save money helps.

I am still using the larger bags from the second hand store for trash bags.  Good thing I was well stocked up on them.  My money ran out before I got to the dollar store to buy trash bags.

I did my Walgreen's shopping --Walgreen's Shopping 5/3/10
I always enjoy my Walgreen's shopping, and you can see in the photo that I got quite a lot for my money.  I don't buy a lot of food items in my shopping there, but last week I did.

I froze left over supper foods again.  I've already warned the family that this might be the week we have a left over night for supper.  We will see.  We are finally getting low on meats after Steve paying WAY too much for meats from the guy who drives around in the freezer truck.

Here is a post I wrote on gather on re-using tv trays.  It has some good tips and uses, and those who commented came up with some more ways.  Re-Use Those TV Dinner Trays

We discussed some things last night.  He bought celery, forgetting that I had already bought some.  He agreed for me to cook up what he bought and freeze it for later stews, otherwise it will end up going to waste.  He over bought on hamburger and hot dog buns both for our Mother's Day bbq.  He agreed to let me put the 4 packages too many into the deep freeze so that they don't go to waste.  Maybe he is finally getting it.

I also did a couple of pretty good grocery shopping trips with coupons.  Those are posted here in my blog.

Until next week,

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