Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday May 30

Good Morning!
Man I could really use a day of rest, but don't see one of those coming until after the neighborhood yard sale on June 6th.
My laptop came in yesterday about supper time so I spent the rest of the evening getting it set up, downloading things etc. I'm so happy to have it!

I got a terrible headache early afternoon. Indications are showing my headaches are being caused by the aspartame in the Crystal Light. Today is day 5 of 8 in the challenge with gather. I won't make it if that is what is causing the headaches. I did have one day without a headache though, so I'm not sure. I can not drink plain water though...yuck! There is a lot of stress right now with getting Jasmine ready for camp, trying to clean, attempting to make some money online and getting ready for this yard sale too.

I built a squidoo lens yesterday called My First Quilt I've been wanting to make a quilt for months...started then nothing. I thought going ahead and making the lens would inspire me to work on it..then I can take pictures along the way and keep updating the lens.

I better run, lots to accomplish yet today before we head to Steve's for the evening...but hey, I have my laptop now so as long as their wireless doesn't screw up (like it often does) I should be able to do some things online.

Have a good Saturday,
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