Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday May 27

Good Morning!
We had a downpour of rain about supper time last night...looks like it's rained quite a bit during the night. It's a chilly 53 outside right now.

Yesterday ended up being one of those days. My son showed up in the morning for me to drive him around...then he hung around the house all day here. His girlfriend had to use my computer for some research. I pretty much didn't do anything. Cleaning is what I should have been doing!

I ordered my laptop last night!! You can find my gather post with details here.I will even have amazon left and more that is owed to me. I am hoping to find a bookshelf to buy with the rest of it.

No plans today except Jasmine and I will probably be spending the evening at Steve's. The holiday gave him tomorrow off work instead of today. Not sure what we will a movie probably.
I'm working on laundry now. I need to get the sewing machine out and repair some of Jasmine's that she wants to take to camp. So much to do and so little time....isn't that always the case?

Help me keep my Helen Steiner Rice squidoo lens on the top of my list by clicking over please :P Thanks!

Until tomorrow, have a great day!
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