Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday May 28

Good Morning, almost afternoon again. I took my oldest daughter to her appointment this morning. They set her up to induce labor June 1 if she doesn't go into labor before then. This afternoon I take my middle daughter for her yearly check up too. And sheesh, I still have to call and make dental apppts. for both Heather and Jasmine.

I uploaded a lot of videos from the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center to gather last night while at Steve's house. If you would like to check them out go to my gather video page

I shopped at Walgreens this morning too. I didn't have much cash to spend. I somehow left my camera on and needed new batteries so I figured those were a good thing to use the $5 register rewards I had. I also bought the $1.99 deoderant using a $1 register rewards, then getting another $1 RR for my next trip. Then I used the Walgreens coupon to get the 2 lip cares for $1, using my other $1 RR. I spent $4.75 cash, but only have the $1 RR towards my next shopping. I am very close to cashing out with for a $10 Walgreens which will help me get back in to my Walgreens groove.

I better be off and get some other things done before it's dr. time again. I also have to take my mom to her dr. appt later this afternoon as well as hope to get some grocery shopping in too.

Have a good Thursday,
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