Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wednesday August 13

I didn't have time to post on here yesterday, it was such a busy day.
I started the morning with about an hour of internet time before heading to work. I got my 2 daily posts done on gather. After work I grabbed a small lunch before it was time to take Heather to her math tutoring. When she was done with that my son had some places and things that he needed to take care of. Once home, I chatted with Steve on the phone for about 10 minutes, then took a nap. Up from my nap I fixed sweet and sour chicken and a peach cobbler for supper. As soon as we were done with supper it was time for me to head to an anniversary meeting at church. Once home from there I did spend some time on the computer before bed, mostly trying to go through items posted to my own group on gather. Whew! is all I have to say about yesterday.

I did complete Ariels birthday present while I was out and about. I posted about it with a picture of the completed project on gather. I hope you will take a look. Barbie Furniture for Ariel's Birthday

We are about to head out now to a funeral. One of the matriarchs of our church passed away. It's always a sad day, but we know that she is now in Heaven and at peace and no longer in pain.

Have a blessed day,
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