Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I have to say Good Afternoon, instead of good morning today. I got up and started playing games at msn live since they are offering double points today only.

Nothing written in my planner today, but I just read in the paper that Goody's at the mall is closing. Jasmine had gotten a $10 Goody's gift card for Christmas that she's never used. We are going to grab some lunch and head out there to use it. I need to also stop in at Hobby Lobby and pick up some plastic canvas, and go to Home Depot to get tomato cages.

Today I ask that you look at my whole list of what I have on ebay please.
For the moment I am not relisting, but listing what I have duplicates of.

That's it for today, haven't even opened Gather or Boomertowne yet today.


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