Thursday, June 12, 2008


Good morning. Looks like rain most of this day. We didn't get much last night and the storms didn't hit here, but the wind was so high we had trouble with the lights flickering.

I have to take my mom to pick up her commodities food this morning, then head over to church and unload the boxes I have in the van. Come home and put whatever more boxes I can get off the front porch in to the van.
This afternoon I am busy taking Heather to her group and my mom to her doctor appointment. I also want to get my Walgreens rebate shopping done as well.
This evening I have council meeting at church.
So.....any time in between that I am home I will be working as much as I can at for this last day of the triple points.

I ask again that you please take a look at my whole listings at ebay.
I'm at a stand still, so to speak, on what to list, but have duplicates of some books still to list. Making a decision on what to do from here as far as ebay goes....relisting some of the ended items that are different is my next option.

Thanks so much!

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