Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Happy Hump Day! Looks like the high today is supposed to be 82, but its pretty windy out. I sent my grandson to school in shorts. Tomorrow the high is showing as 74, then only in the 60's for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. One of these days it really will warm up enough for me to not be cold.
This evening in the last night for Awanas, so there is one thing that will be gone out of my planner until August. Maybe the days will get better soon where I can have more time at home to concentrate on my computer ventures.

I can't get word to open for me this morning, keeps giving me errors. I'm sure I could correct it by restarting my computer but I am too lazy for that LOL
Instead, I had a 2nd copy of Introduction to Psychology, so I listed it on ebay for today.

I got in my other prize from Under The Rainbow's last Celebration. A set of Starlight Tea Light Trio from Signature Home Styles. The set only sells for $10 and $1 of every sale goes to support the troops.
You can check it out by going to then click to see online catalog. They are on page 34. They look really nice on the top of the girls computer desk.

Have a glorious day,

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