Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hump Day Again

We've made it to another Wednesday. I've been busy this morning getting some music books scanned to be listed on ebay. It may be silly that I only list one item at a time rather than all I have, but I want to keep it going with ebay. I list 1 item per day.

This evening the grandkids are going to their other grandma's for supper and cake and ice cream for her birthday. That means they won't be able to make it to Awanas, but my daughter Jasmine will probably still go.

I'm sitting here using what is left of my printer ink printing out bingo cards for todays Bingo America on Game Show Network. I'm excited to get to play bingo like this where I win or not. Plus while sitting on the couch playing I work on crafts as well.

If you have a Walgreeens near by, this is the day you can take a printer cartridge in for a FREE refill. I am doing one free and paying for the other. The coupon for the free refill in in their weekly flyer or go click this link to print the coupon and find out the info.

Last but not least today, I am starting to list part of a series of Music Books on ebay. Today is Book 3

Have a great day!

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