Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy Tuesday!

It's bowling night again. Only 3 Tuesdays left in the season plus fun night. I wll sure miss it when its over. We are still in first place!
We have a home visitor scheduled to come out right when I get off work. Then Heather has her group session too.
I got it together and actually have supper planned for tonight...sloppy joes, mac and cheese and applesauce.

Here is something else I finally got caught up on last week. I finally got signed up for the Under The Rainbow forums, and got signed up for the Under The Rainbow Gifts affiliate program. There are some really great items to choose from, and more to come! https://www.undertherainbow-gifts.com/
Ralyn doesn't have the affiliate linked pages ready yet, so if you do order you will need to put marshaseiberling in the box so I will get credit for the order.
(Piepointers who read my blog, this does count for points since its part of my Gifts Galore and More!)

Today's ebay listing is a book entitled Help! I'm Laughing and I can't Get Up.
Great book, clean real life humor, Christian based.

Once again, the morning is getting away from me and its closing in on time for me to be at work.

Have a Blessed Tuesday!

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