Monday, March 31, 2008


Here we are to another Monday. The last day of March. Skating was a lot of fun last night. I think I need to skate a lot more often. I felt it in my leg muscles!

Today I need to be up and cleaning my living area. I will have to bust a move after work before the home visitor comes this afternoon. Other plans include taking my mom to the dr. this afternoon. Other than than, I am really excited. starting this evening you can print out cards and play bingo on game show network each evening. I have 3 sets printed out and my 2 older daughters still need to log in to their account and print out a couple sets each too. The only other plan is to keep working putting together these little crafts to send to sample gal.

Today's ebay listing is

Educational Psychology A Learning-Centered Approach to Classroom Practice.

This is a classroom teachers resource book.

Time now to head off to work, so everyone please have a safe day.


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