Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday Morning

It's Sunday morning. I am getting this written now because as far as I know we are taking all the kids to swim at Steve's again after church.
It ended up raining until evening yesterday. The sun decided to come out for a bit after we started up the grill. The kids got in the pool, but none of us adults LOL
It never got over 64ยบ yesterday so I was quite chilly.
After we ate we watched the movie Cars. I had never seen it until last night. It sure is a really cute movie.

I did get 90 points yesterday at gather, but has to be more than that each day if I am to reach the 3000 by the end of this month. I wrote 4 articles yesterday, one which was Freebies--Week of July 6

I think that is all for today. Have a blessed day!
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