Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday-July 15

A bit of a late start on my internet ventures this morning. We had our home visit this morning. All the grandkids spent the night, even the baby, so it was a chore getting them all breakfast and dressed.

No real plans for today. Heather will have her group. Other than that the plan is to swim for a bit at Steve's this evening.

I wrote some things at gather, but nothing of real interest to the general public, so I will put in an image today. It's Heather blowing out her candles for her 17th birthday.
Heather's 17th You will see Willo looking in the background from her playpen.

I stayed up past midnight last night, I am working to cash out for another $25 Target with boomertowne by the end of this week. I'm waiting for lunch to be ready then I am going to lay down for a bit...I have a killer toothache that hasn't let up much for over 3 weeks :(

Have a good day!
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