Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday July 26

I am behind! After 3 pm and I am just now blogging.
Yesterday ended up hot and not, off and on. It rained off and on, and during the rain it would drop to about 80 and be pleasant, then it would end and the humidity was terrible. It's pretty much doing the same today. The problem is that humidity is staying down here in the basement!

Last night when it started pouring rain I hurried so fast to roll the windows up on the van that I forgot to turn the ignition off. You guessed it, battery is now dead. I walked to the store and back a few minutes about hot! I haven't found anyone to give me a jumpstart yet.

I formed my own group over on gather. That way I can approve and comment on all posts that come through giving myself and others extra points! Should have done that a long time ago. Today's post that I want to share is the one I wrote about the flag that I won on gather. Received My Flag from the Paralyzed Veterans of America

Now I am going back to my 7 pages of gather email notifications. I don't think I will ever get them caught up, but I am trying!

Have a great day!
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