Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday July 28

Good morning. I got busy doing a million things yesterday and it wasn't until about bedtime that I realized I hadn't done my blog.
Steve came with help and they got the old roll top desk out of the corner of the basement. That was a couple of hours cleaning up a mess, mopping with bleach, then remopping with my Mr. Clean. I'm finding lots of interesting items that belonged to my uncle in the 1950's inside the desk.

Liz's bf says he is buying a swimming pool, so I also worked on and off clearing a space in the back yard. Time will tell if he really gets it. It's brewing up a storm outside right now. I hope the cloud cover means a little cooler day today. It was over 100 again yesterday and so humid that as soon as you walked outside your whole body covered in sweat. It was to the point of unbearable.

I took some pictures at church yesterday to do a photo essay at gather. I have some other ideas in mind too. Today I will share Freebies--Week of July 20

I also want to make note that I have added the banners of the paid to click/money earning sites that I do on a regular basis to the bottom of my blog here. I've talked about them in my blogs, and I hope you will check them out.

I think today's only away from home plans is my mom's regular Monday dr. appt. Tomorrow is filled with myself, Heather, and my mom having dr appts....oh boy...

Until tomorrow, stay as cool as you can,
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