Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday July 24

Good Morning!
Looks like a little break in the weather, today and tomorrow high is 100º LOL
Then it goes down to 99º and 98º.
I noticed yesterday that gas is down to $3.66, I'm in hopes it continues to go down. I put in 4 gallons on Monday at $3.77 a gallon. The time before that I only put in 3 gallons at $3.86 a gallon.

I finished sewing my table runner while Heather was at her dentist appointment. I did a post about it with a picture on gather. Table Runner

I am off today to work on my traffic exchanges to get my gather articles seen more. I'm still in hopes of reaching the 3,000 pts by the end of this month but still need 2,000 pts! I can't wait until Saturday to post my weekly freebies article as I've had a good week so far and still 3 mail days left!

Until tomorrow, stay safe and stay cool!
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