Friday, August 1, 2008

Friday August 1

It's here....August. Only 12 more days now before school starts, and sometime before that I will have a couple of meetings for work. Blah! is all I have to say.

Today's my mom's payday so we are about to head out for the day to take care of her things. It will be a long day, but I am in hopes of finishing up Ariel's furniture set while we are out. I have the 2 lounge chairs to make and the cushions for them.

I'm sorry, I was wrong yesterday. With the link I gave for my gather photo, clicking next just put you back on the same photo. You would have had to click photos at the top then clicked the first one to use the next button. I didn't write anything yesterday except my daily Christian Investing for the Future. If you are interested, you can find a full list of my articles at Marsha's Gather Posts

Sounds like the kids are up and getting breakfast so we will soon be leaving for the day. Stay safe, stay cool, and count your blessings :)

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