Wednesday, May 21, 2008


We've made it to Wednesday and only today and tomorrow left of public school here.
Heather made herself a doctor appt this morning at the same time as I have to be at work...guess that doesn't take much off me, just drop her off and she will walk home when she's done. She will have her weekly math tutoring this afternoon, something we are planning to continue each week thruout the summer as well.

NOthing on the agenda for this evening so that means boomertowne, boomertowne and boomertowne LOL I can get enough points today to cash out for a $25 gift card!
I am having a lot of fun there. My daily routine includes chatting for a bit, then playing a game of sodoku and a game of mah jong. I also play the daily trivia game. Then I go on to my profile and accept any new friend requests, then go to my list of friends and leave some comments to their profiles. I then do a lot of friend requesting. Then, I am off to post in 2 discussions for the day, then off to take a look at and rate some of the recipes. Last but not least I check the news and the weather.
I still do need some referrals to get the 20,000 pt bonus this month if any of you are interested, please email me at with boomertowne in the subject.

Today's ebay listing is a lot of 4 sets of Rocket Readers levels 2 and 3.

Have a great day and let's keep on earning!

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