Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Good morning! I was just looking at the 5 day forecast and it looks like its going to be a bit cooler again for the rest of the week....in the 80's. Just about perfect for me.

We have a home visitor this afternoon and Heather has her group therapy. I thought that was a 12 week course but I guess it's 18 weeks so she still has 6 more weeks counting this week.

My garden is still doing well. The lettuce is still growing. The carrots are starting to sprout. There are even flowers on 2 of my tomato plants. We had a bit of rain last night so I don't have to water this morning.
There is something strange growing out there. I think it looks like rhubarb....my mom says its just a weed LOL However, the neighbor man and my boyfriend both said rhubarb right away too. How it got there?? Who knows! It's getting larger everyday.

Today's ebay listing is a textbook. Speech for Effective Communications. Heather just finished this book this past week.

Have a great day!

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