Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Good morning friends :)

Getting a bit of a later start on my computer work this morning, so I won't get as much done as usual before I have to head out to work.

It stormed last night and they are calling for rain most of today. It looks like the forecast has us staying with highs of at least 70, so that should be good.

I noticed on the bookshelf that I had 2 World History textbooks. Heather only has one more year of school so I have listed one of them on ebay.

I plan on switching the used books page on my website to highlight some of the gift items at Under The Rainbow. I need to get going on that so that I can have those books to list on ebay too.

I'm still testing out the newer traffic exchange that I joined so I will still have more on that another day.

Until tomorrow, have a blessed day,

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