Thursday, May 8, 2008

Early Start

This morning I got an early start on the computer. I got started on things before even waking Allen up for school.
It's grocery shopping day today. Also, my mom has Avon to deliver and her usual doctor appointment this afternoon. Heather has her group session as well. I also plan to get my living area cleaned back up too!

I really got busy on the cutting coupons yesterday but still have about 1/2 of them to get cut out. I will work on them more today while I am working on school work with the girls today. I have set myself a goal of having them all cut, sorted and into my alphabetic notebook by the end of the weekend.

Today I have listed a Lot of 2 Usborne Cooking Books on ebay.

Yesterday I got my order in from This time I ordered through creationsrewards to earn points there. You can check out the site if you would like, it's a well established website that I have been a member of since 2000.

I also got in 3 of the 5 prizes that I ordered from msn live. I got a t-shirt and 2 decks of cards. Still expecting a journal set and a beauty set. Plus I have enough points to order more when I am ready. If you enjoy playing games you might want to check it out as well. Free to play, earn points, exchange them for prizes.

That's it for today, until tomorrow, have a blessed day!
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