Monday, May 5, 2008

Good Monday Morning

Today will be a good day! I only work today and tomorrow this week, which means extra days this week to concentrate on my online efforts.

I didn't end up listing anything on ebay today. Instead I have taken the unsold school books on ebay and put them over at It's good there as its totally free to list homeschool or homestead items there. Plus there is an autolist option which is great.
If you would like to see my complete listing of school type books there you may visit

I just joined a new traffic exchange type site today. I will give you a review on it once I work it a few days to see how it is. Looks good so far....and highly recommended from my upline in JD Premium Products.

I also want to tell you about Boomertowne! I need to get 5 referrals this month to earn 20,000 points. Boomertowne is a whole community. You earn points for your actions on the site (even for just looking at a page!). Post recipes, rate others recipes, read jokes, submit jokes, chat, take part in the discussion board. There are video and picture contests. There's just too much on the site to even mention. If you would like to join, please email me at with Boomertowne in the subject line and I will send you a referral link right away.
Those points can be exchanged for a wide variety of gift cards and merchandise and the program is open to those in the US as well as Canada.

Thanks for reading today and have a great day!

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