Friday, May 9, 2008

Got Ambitous

Wow, when I started cleaning my living area yesterday I went all out. I moved furniture and cleaned under it and even cleaned the kid's play area. Then, it was off to go grocery shopping. I went to the big store with the green house and bought plants and seeds for my garden. I had intended to plant today, but once home I got started right in on it. Good thing too since we had several storms pass through last night. The plants still look fine out there this morning and hopefully I put the seeds well enough they didn't get moved.
I didn't manage to even cut one coupon yesterday, but I did work on some crafts and even got to reading on a book I've wanted to get to for some time.

Today's plans include school work with Heather and Jasmine, then picking up my grandson early from school. This evening his school is having their carnival from 5-8 pm. That should be fun but I hope all this rain doesn't put a damper too much on the fun.

Today's ebay listing is 3 History in the Making booklets.

Here's to another great day!

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