Monday, February 2, 2015

All Business Monday--January Online Earning Stats

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 Back in September of 2014 I set myself a goal to cash out each day of the month--the equivalent of.  I made that goal each month until January.  I was only able to redeem 24 out of 31 times for the month.

I am reporting what was rec'd in January:

PerkTV --$45 in gift cards (use code 860efbf6 for 50 bonus points)
Swagbucks -- $40 in gift cards (I alternate with both PerkTV and Swagbucks between Walmart, Target and Amazon cards) (I believe if you use HIP70 as the code on sign up you will get 70 swagbucks)
Pinecone Research -- $3 paypal
apptrailers --$4.68 paypal  (use code predictableuranus2  for bonus points)
checkout51 -- $20.50 check
clixsense --$7.86 paypal
bubblews -- $51.77 paypal
hausernet -- $8 paypal
shopkick -- $5 Target gift card

Total rec'd:  $185.81

I've linked some of the sites and apps.
Hausernet is a mail decoy program.  You earn .25 for each piece of mail that comes in and you input the code online.  Honestly they are paying monthly now with no minimum pretty regularly, but they do still owe me for all of the year 2012!

Pinecone Research is an invite only survey website....and one that I need to keep up with better.

Bubblews, as we all know is very low now on the earning scale, but I am still trying to write at least 2 posts a day there.  I do enjoy keeping up with my regular connections.

PerkTV is linked above, but they allow you to run it on up to 5 devices---and you can have 2 accounts per household, so up to 10 devices.  It's generally running on 4 devices here, which it is right now. (No plan devices that I am running through out wi-fi here at home)

Swagbucks, which is also linked above, has 6 apps.  They do not allow you to run them at the same time or your account will be deleted, but I generally get through 4 of the apps on a good day.

I am working on things here on my blog.  I hope that my earnings each month online and with the apps will continue to increase as each month goes by.

As far as my Gifts Galore and More (Jerky Direct, Etsy, Zibbet, Shophandmade,, etc)  I had a loss of $36.86 for the month.   I realized that I hadn't been putting down the classes and workshops that I take as expenses, so have $44 expense in January for the rug making class and supplies.
Otherwise I would have made $8 profit from an order for dish scrubbies and one book sold through

(I did also earn $224.36 between my 2 merchandising jobs and cleaning our church)

Be sure to share any business related blog posts you've written lately.

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