Thursday, November 20, 2014

Writer's Unite--11/20/14

Curiously I decided to search Writer's Unite instead of just coming to my blog.  Sadly, my blog wasn't shown even on page 12 of the search.   I do put writers unite as a tag.   Suggestions on other tags so that it will show up?
I should have searched BEFORE choosing a name since there are already tons of Writer's Unite websites and social media groups!

I have 2 open days each week where I don't have a regular weekly post.  That's Tuesday and Saturday.  Why can't I get in to the habit of writing posts on those days?  Tuesday is a busy day for me, but I have no excuse for Saturday.  Saturday is generally the day that I actually don't have somewhere to be away from home.
I need to work on this!

I would like to throw a reminder out that I have linky's to share your work in my Super Sunday Review posts, All Business Monday posts, and my Frugal Friday posts.   Those are specific---share your review posts on Sunday, Business type posts on Monday, and frugal type posts on Friday.
Writer's Unite is anything goes---whatever posts you choose to share.

Just a heads up---since next Thursday is Thanksgiving, there won't be a weekly Writer's Unite post.  I will be busy ALL day with family as I suspect many of you will be.


  1. Nice article. Yes it is hard these days to get traffic. Just don't give up with your writing everyday, you do better than me I have a blogger site and never seem to find time after keeping up with my articles on HubPages. Happy days christmas is just around the corner.

  2. This is such a cool blog feature! Thanks for finding it!

  3. Hey Marsha! I've been crazy busy with this new dog but managed to get a bit of writing in this week, so I'm sharing a Thanksgiving article and recipe and a blog post. Thank you!

    As for blog hops... You could fill up one day with PAWSit Hop Saturday over at Dog Pawsitive Tidbits! I would love to have you..:-)

  4. Marsha Thank you for this weekly Writer's Unite link up, I think its a wonderful idea! I forgot last week but have added this week. Love your blog so sharing.

  5. I love this idea. I must share as soon as I write something.


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