Thursday, November 20, 2014

Writer's Unite--11/20/14

Curiously I decided to search Writer's Unite instead of just coming to my blog.  Sadly, my blog wasn't shown even on page 12 of the search.   I do put writers unite as a tag.   Suggestions on other tags so that it will show up?
I should have searched BEFORE choosing a name since there are already tons of Writer's Unite websites and social media groups!

I have 2 open days each week where I don't have a regular weekly post.  That's Tuesday and Saturday.  Why can't I get in to the habit of writing posts on those days?  Tuesday is a busy day for me, but I have no excuse for Saturday.  Saturday is generally the day that I actually don't have somewhere to be away from home.
I need to work on this!

I would like to throw a reminder out that I have linky's to share your work in my Super Sunday Review posts, All Business Monday posts, and my Frugal Friday posts.   Those are specific---share your review posts on Sunday, Business type posts on Monday, and frugal type posts on Friday.
Writer's Unite is anything goes---whatever posts you choose to share.

Just a heads up---since next Thursday is Thanksgiving, there won't be a weekly Writer's Unite post.  I will be busy ALL day with family as I suspect many of you will be.

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