Monday, November 17, 2014

All Business Monday--Shop Hand Made

This week I am highlighting Shop handmade.
It's like etsy where you can list your hand made items, supplies and vintage items.
One difference is that shop handmade it totally fee free.
Another difference is that your items don't expire.  They stay listed until sold, or you delete them.  I do like this feature.
Another difference though seems to be promotion.  There are the usual social sharing options, but they don't offer any pre-made banners.
 I need to work on making my own banner for various web advertising.

When you go to the main page of shop handmade and look at the bottom, there are nice widgets for recently updated stores.  I wish we had a code to put that widget on our own pages.  

I will be adding a lot more to my store as well as start to do a lot more promoting of it.  I have yet to sell anything there, but I feel it's more lack of promotion than anything else.

Here are a few of the items I do have listed in my store:


  1. Gotta love the idea of a store with no fees! I just ordered a set of your gorgeous coasters.

  2. Just got the coasters in the mail, Marsha. They're really, really pretty, just what I wanted. Thank you, and thank you so much, too, for the bonus!

    1. Thank you for the order Susan.
      November 29 is Small Business day. An online friend signed me up as a business and I got in a welcome mat and a pile of the bags. I feel bad that she signed me up when I don't actually have a store, but I thought the bags would be great to add in with orders as a free gift until they are gone :)

    2. Excellent idea and how nice of your friend!


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