Friday, November 21, 2014

Frugal Friday with Marsha-- Craft Gifts for the Children

This week I am writing about some of the different things that I've made for the grandchildren.  I have shared some of what I've given them, as well as all of the pillowcases last week.

This baby set I found in the One-Yard Wonders
book.   I had never made anything like this.  A lady at church helped me when I couldn't quite understand the instructions.  Since then I have made lots of the bibs.  The lighter colored bib is an extra to the set.  The set was made for Zelda when she was born.

One year, the granddaughters, Ariel, Willo, and Araya all received a doll quilt and plarn jewelry from me for their birthdays.   The plarn bracelet and necklace are laying on the doll quilt.

This little Minnie Mouse hat was also crochted for Zelda as a newborn.  It was so small that she only got to wear it like 2 days, literally.   It was might cute through!

This sock family went to Jacob for his first Christmas.  I actually got the idea from the church nursery as there were some in the toy box.      I have well over 200 mismatched socks in bags, plus I have plenty of stuffing.  It's time to start making a LOT more of these.   I do plan on making a family for Killian this year.

 This cute little cat with it's blanket was made from the Crafty Creatures
book and was a gift for Zelda this past Christmas.   She loved it!  It was so so cute.  There are lots of creatures in the book that I yet want to make.

That's it for this week.  Since Thanksgiving is upon us, I want to wish you a
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