Thursday, November 13, 2014

Writer's Unite 11/13/14

Welcome and we have made it to another Thursday!

How many of you have joined TSU?    I wasn't going to, then talked in to it, and glad that I did.
I've been doing a lot of sharing of my writing there.  It seems to be a great place to share and earn at the same time.
If you have joined, feel free to add your profile link to the linky this week if you would like.  Mine will be the first one that I add.

Busy busy as always here.   I'm not writing blog posts as I should, but the last couple of days I've written more on bubblews instead.
I did 'get hit in the head' yesterday with something I should have been doing all along in my blog posts.   That is linking up key words in my posts to products and such elsewhere.  No, I won't go overboard with it, but why did it take me so long to learn about that?!

Onward!  Keep writing and sharing!

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