Monday, November 10, 2014

All Business Monday--Etsy

This week I want to talk about Etsy--the site to sell your hand made items, as well as supplies and vintage items.
I've had an etsy shop for a long time.  Every year I make a goal that I will at least list one new items each week.  Every year I don't maintain that goal.

Still, etsy is the place where I have sold the most of my crafts, which is a variety of items.  I have plastic canvas, quilts, table runners, baby bibs, fabric bags, crochet items and more.
I don't have a niche.  I am more of an all around type of gal.
Often I learn how to make something new and you will then see a lot of that in my shop.

I've had luck with special orders here and there.  Someone sees, say one of the fabric bags, and wants a certain color or print, and will order it special.  I love those!

I have found that even with the fees, etsy is still the best place to list your items for sale.

This morning I put off my procrastination and went in to my shop.  I renewed several listings that had expired as well as added a new item.  I WILL keep my goal from now on of listing something new each week, which can include relisting an expired item if I don't have anything new made.

Let's craft on!

Feel free to link up any of your blog posts that have to do with your business, but if you have an etsy shop, please do link it up.  Thanks!


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