Sunday, November 9, 2014

Super Sunday Reviews--Heaven if for Real

Heaven IS for Real!

 My teenager had started attending a youth group with one of her friends. She got in on the last 2 weeks of them reading Heaven is for Real as a group.

Both weeks she came home telling me about what she had read and telling me that I really needed to read the book. I was thrilled when they gave her a copy of the book to bring home.

I started reading, and didn’t stop until I was done. Yes folks, Heaven is for Real is THAT good. I couldn’t stop turning the pages to see what 4 year Colton was going to tell us next about heaven.

See, Colton got very sick. He went for emergency surgery. During the surgery he went to heaven. When he came back he told his family the different things and the people that he seen there.

At first they thought he was just naming things that he had been taught, after all, his father is a pastor. But, as he talks of meeting his sister, who was miscarried, and his grandfather, who had died 30 years before he was born, they began to believe.

So much of what I read that Colton saw in heaven, I too have been taught throughout my Christian life. He gives so many details, it has to be real.

If you have not read Heaven is for Real, please do. I just went into my daughter’s room to ask her if I can have the book to read again. This time I’m going to read it out loud to my husband.

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