Friday, August 8, 2014

Frugal Friday with Marsha 8/8/14

How has your week been?
I finally got busy and at least cut out the coupons for things that I might buy. I sure had a lot of expired coupons both in my binder as well as in my stacks of uncut inserts.
The store is having a good sale this week with the buy 5 get $5 off that I am hoping to be able to take advantage of.

We pulled a few more tomatoes and cucumbers out of the garden. Still more growing, so that is good.
I chopped the tomatoes and put them in the freezer for winter cooking.
The kids eat the cucumbers right away. It's great that they all like them as they make a great snack.

I'm having so much trouble with the shopkick app making it super hard to earn. Most months I can easily earn at least $15 in Target cards. This past month I'm not even up to $5 yet. By their facebook group most everyone is having the exact problems that I am having so it's not my phone.
I've been able to regularly cash out with the PerkTV (use referral code 860efbf6 please if you decide to sign up) app for $5 amazon. I'm running it on 2 phones and when I'm not being nice and letting the grandkids play games on those phones I can cash out almost every 48 hours.
I've been getting back into checking what's on ibotta and got $4 in bonus money last month. It's so cool that anyone you are connected to on facebook that is also using ibotta is on your team helping to earn the bonus money. I'm also remembering to check Checkout51 more often as well.
Receipthog has been great too since we now get to scan some of what we turn in on the receipts for even more points! They are adding up lots quicker.
Don't you just love earning?

I look forward to seeing what you've posted this week and/or your comments on how your frugal week has been.

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