Sunday, August 3, 2014

sugru-- form &fix The future needs fixing. (Review)

 sugru   The future needs fixing.

Have you heard that of sugru?  It's a self-setting rubber that literally has thousands of uses!!
It's like a modeling compound for adults---and it's very addictive.

I got in my 8 mini packs 
and then didn't know what I wanted to do with them.   I did know that I wanted to repair a chair at the kitchen table that's been broken for along time.
I did repair the chair and can happily tell you that the repair is holding up very nicely!
Yes, I left the colors of yellow and blue the same.  The color wasn't as important to me as having the chair finally fixed.
I used 3 packages to fix the chair.
sugru comes in black, white, yellow, red, and blue.  The 8 mini packs that I received came with 2 red, 2 blue, 2 yellow, 1 black, and 1 white.

I want to make a note, that I didn't have to leave the colors as they were on the chair.  Instructions are given to make lots of different colors on the packaging.  For example, 90% yellow and 10% black would have made brown. 

I had a bit of a problem.  My youngest daughter and her friend were here when the sugru came in.  (They are 17 years old).  They grabbed it fast and started making things for fun.
They shared a package of blue.  Her friend made the flower shown in my picture and my daughter made an octopus.  Unfortunately my daughter got her octopus out of here as part of a gift for another friend before I got a picture of the cute creature.
The other item in my photo was also made by my daughter....a little elephant.

Here is a picture of what sugru looks like before you start working with it:
 Now that I have used sugru I want more and more.  As I stated the possibilities are endless on just what you can do with sugru.  I could type for days and not tell you everything there is to do with it.
I want to make protective corners on my cell phone (it's bouncy).  I want to place it on a pan handle that always gets hot (it's heat resistant).  I want to repair a shelf in my refrigerator.

Each package of sugru  stays fresh in it's pack for 13 months from the day it's made.  If you keep it in the fridge then this time triples.
Once the sugru is open you have 30 minutes to use it before it starts to dry.

I want to share this youtube video with will be in awe.

sugru is available at Michael's craft stores--just put in your zip code HERE to find the store nearest you.
You can also order it online HERE.
Find tons of good ideas on the sugru pinterest boards.
You will also find sugru on facebook and on twitter.

Once you get to using sugru, or if you already do, send them the photos of your fixes and hacks.
Each month they select a "Fix of the month" and that person wins 5 free packs of sugru as well as a t-shirt!

It's time to get your sugru on!

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