Thursday, August 7, 2014

Squidoo Hopping 8/7/14

Welcome to Thursday.
I look forward each week to doing this post and seeing what is shared in the linky.

How are you liking the new design on the squidoo pages? I was worried about some of my things going away, but the ones I looked at seem to look great.
I had thought that maybe my stuff wouldn't disappear as the lens I used to get my codes was called html for squidoo.
I can say this....Ive ended up liking the change. It means that all of our lenses look the same. No more competition with the lenses that were so fancy looking when I didn't know how to also make mine look like that.

I've been back to my daily updating this past week and even built a new lens. So far my lenses are staying out of WIP status.
Does anyone recall how many lenses we are required to build in a year to maintain Giant Squid status? I'm thinking 4. I have more than that this year, just want to make sure I don't mess it up next year.

I'm going to continue to share on the here 2 lenses that are just below the 85,000 ranking.
By my count I still have 67 out of 147 lenses to give an update to before starting over. A few I've been working on more as they had several photos for me to add or the like.
I'm having fun and that is part of what it's all about!

I look forward to what you choose to share this week.


  1. hhmmm I notice on my 4 Weeks lens that my review is still highlighted in the blue as I had it. Have they not gotten everything changed over yet, or was that one really html over CSS?

  2. Marsha, seems that my lenses where I used colored boxes and/or colored text still remain. Must be HTML. I don't think I ever really tried CSS. Also, I THINK (but don't quote me) that we are supposed to do 5 new lenses per year to remain a Giant. I need to check mine out - I think I've only done 3 or 4. LOL.

  3. I am liking the new look of Squidoo, so far, and as they finish up and work out all the bugs it should be a vast improvement for all.

    Linking up a couple of new lenses and my blog post this week for the Review This! Squidoo Contributor team.

    Thanks, Marsha!


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